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Day Translations, Inc. is currently accepting applications for creative, professional, and hardworking people to be project managers at our company. We need people who have a love for languages and cultures, basic computer skills and skills at multi-tasking. Promptness, professionalism, and politeness are three main requirements of our employees. To ensure proper consideration, please fill in the information below as completely and accurately as possible.

This position is an exciting position with room for growth. We are looking for someone to work with us for the long term in a full time position. In this position, you will be answering phones, answering emails, providing customer service to clients, and providing support to the translators and interpreters. You will be not only providing quotes to clients, but you will also be helping to organize translators and interpreters in our human resource system. This job will focus on managing translation and interpreting projects across the globe. However, you will be expected to be involved in all aspects of the company. The individual that we hire will be expected to be a highly skilled, dependable, perfectionist individual who encompasses the following qualities: efficacy, assertiveness, computer knowledge, efficiency, problem solving, excellent written and spoken English skills as well as the ability to express yourself in at least one other language. You will also need to be able in the primary tasks of phone answering, file processing, correspondence, and similar daily tasks. We will also need someone who is excellent with computers including all Microsoft applications and able to evaluate the skills of potential candidates willing to work with our corporation. You will need to be very diligent and fast in answering the phones for clients and letting them know our procedures and prices and getting them to confirm interpreters and translations. You will also be required to relay instructions to coworkers and clients. The ability to understand people, negotiate and answer questions is also something that we seek. In this position, you can work from your home office, so it’s important to have a fast computer and internet connection.

Tasks include but are not limited to answering phones and e-mails, quoting clients for translations, quoting clients for interpreting, emailing clients, following up with clients, scheduling an interpreter, sending contracts to clients, sending contracts to interpreters, searching for new potential freelancers, gathering freelancer information, creating and updating freelancer database, running applications, and organizing all e-mail folders. Much of this work is self-appointed and requires a high degree of professional independence, initiative and self-discipline. There is a lot more to do and, if you are hired, we will help you learn with support and training.

The application process for our company is a 3 step process, Please fill out our “Project Manager Application” form. below The form allows you to introduce you to our company, and permits us to get to know you a little better. Throughout the process, we will be providing you with feedback.

We greatly appreciate your patience and cooperation throughout the process. Apply now!

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